Overview and Description of SAPIV

There is a wonderful description, overview, and video of synthetic aperture PIV in our article “Determining 3D Flow Fields via Multi-camera Light Field Imaging” Published in the Journal of Visual Experiments  The article and the video can be found here: http://www.jove.com/video/4325/determining-3d-flow-fields-via-multi-camera-light-field-imaging

Calibration Tutorial

This document gives a short description of how the calibration algorithm works for SAPIV. The algorithm can simultaneously calibrate multiple cameras at multiple focal planes. This document details the theory of the calibration algorithm and gives an overview of user input needed to successfully calibrate. Finally, the document talks about possible troubleshooting techniques for the calibration code. […]

Synthetic Aperture User Guide

This user guide introduces what synthetic aperture is, the resources needed to use it, and basic instructions on image capture, calibration, and 3D SAPIV.   Download Synthetic Aperture User Guide

Calibration Targets

This file contains several image files that can be used for camera calibration. Their use is described in the Calibration Tutorial. Download Calibration Targets